What components for a build?

looking for advice from the collective experience....
I want to upgrade an older P4 PC as a home computer. Most of the time it will be used for internet browsing and email but occasionally for editing camcorder film into movies for grandparents/storage. It will also be used as a media centre for watching internet (p2p) tv or DVD's and as a store for family photo's etc.
I'm only looking to upgrade the base unit as I use an LCD TV as monitor.
Ideally a wireless adapter would be good.

What do I need:

motherboard - planning on gigabyte or asus? Needs to fit ATX case (can a mATX board fit without too much messing?)
CPU - intel or AMD? Cost will probably be the decider which tends to lead to AMD?
HDD - was looking at 2 x 1TB Samsung SATA arranged RAID0?
Sound - ok with onboard sound, which will be routed via TV and/or hi-fi
Graphics - ok with onboard if good enough but guessing separate would be better for HD output
RAM - got 2 GB DDR2 which would be nice to re-use short term to keep cost down. But will go DDR3 if means too much compromise on mobo
PSU - suspect need an upgrade for noise (current is at least 5 years old and noisy)
Cooler/fan - can go retail box but question will be noise so thinking something quieter?
Windows 7

Would like to re-use RAM but not essential
will re-use IDE DVD writer & DVD reader with an eye to future upgrade.

As you've probably guessed looking to keep immediate costs down to £300 budget with money to upgrade later.

What I want is a pc that could let me do all above without any noticeable deteriation (or as little as possible).

I'm competant having built a number of PC's over the years just not looked at what is available in a long time - my question is a short cut to research!

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  1. Hello Trevor_66;

    Did you find what you needed cruising the other topics?
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