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The fan on my Asus ATI HD 4870 has stopped working. I've been looking for a replacement fan, and finally opted for a Zalman ZF2000. The problem I now have is that, because my machine is a Shuttle, this card & cooling solution is too big to fit in the slot/case.

I'd be perfectly happy to simply swap the original fan with an identical one - I don't really need a super-cooling fan - but I can't find an obvious solution for a replacement fan of roughly the same size.

Can anyone help me with my problem?
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  1. You can ask the manufacturer for a replacement. The card is probably under warranty. If not, ask them what the price for one would be. I know it would take about an hour to get someone who understands you on tech support, but that's the only way I see it happening. If you can a third-party cooling solution, you might just consider getting a newer card.
  2. Swapping out the fan on the factory heat sink is never and easy task. I recommend just getting another after-market gpu cooling solution.

    Can you return the Zalman ZF-2000 and/or get your money back? If so, swap it out for the Zalman VF-1000. I know for a fact that it is thinner/smaller than the stock 4870 cooler and will fit in the same space as the factory cooling solution.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions so far. As things stand, I'll see where I can buy a VF-1000 from and report back. If it fails, I'll try my luck with ASUS support, but seeing as I've essentially tampered with the hardware, they may not be willing to be cooperative.

    Oh, and to clarify, the cooler I bought was the Zalman VF-2000, not the ZF-2000 as I had written earlier.
  4. I have the VF1000 on my 4850 and it only takes 2 slots, width wise it does not stick out past the card too much. Another option is to get a different SFF case that has a little bit more space.
  5. Just a quick update.

    I got my hands on a VF1000, and it _just_ fit in (if it were a millimetre larger, and I don't think it would have fit!). Need to fully test it later, but it's definitely working!

    Many thanks for those that suggested this.
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