Asus p8p67 pro audio problems

im having some problems with my asus p8p67 pro mb. the problem is that i dont get any sound out of the back audio plugs. the program realtek sees that i have connected a speaker but when i play music or something im not getting anything. also the tests in the program realtek fail. the sound in the front of my case works. (thats why i know my speakers are not broken).
it worked with my old mb also a p8p67 pro (non b3), but when i changed to the b3 version i didnt work anymore.

can u guys pleas help me?

my specs:
intel core i5 - 2400
asus p8p67pro b3
16gb hyperx 1600
msi gtx460 hawk
corsair hx850w
antec 600 v2
windows 7 64bit home
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  1. That's the problem with on board sound on boards with the pro moniker
    pro boards need pro sound with gold plugs if you want pro results
    Many people make the mistake and assume on board sound will be good enough
    on board sound compared to pro sound cards is like comparing
    earplugs at dollarama for a buck and 1300$ a\v surround sound speakers
    a 35$ sound card will fix it a 200 $ sound card will make it pro
  2. I see you have a GTX and probably installed the Nvidia drivers with the HDAudio. Both myself and my friend had the same problem. We uninstalled the NVIDIA HD Audio driver and BAM. Works.
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