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Whats the best graphics card that comes to around $200 with shipping and taxes? I am planning to play games at 1680x1050 my psu is a 650 corsair and i only have one pcie slot. i currently have a garbage onboard card so anything will be an improvement!!!!!
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  1. If you can stretch your budget a little the 6870 is probably the best choice. If not the 5850 is probably the best card that can be had for less than $200. GTX 460 is close behind and can be had quite a bit cheaper and is also a good choice. You might want to wait and see what the 560 has to offer and if it's release drives prices down.
  2. I think you guys forgot the hd6850. The hd6850 falls behind the hd5850 by a bit, but beats the gtx 460 1gb in most places. I am very happy with my hd6850, also it is the new tech. New tech is always nice. It has better CF scaling than the gtx 460 and hd5850, so if you ever plan to do CF, you can.
  3. 580 SLI..... jking ,but seriously the 5850 is quite nice for the price.Might even go lower when 6770 and 560 start rolling out.
  4. 6770 isn't in the transition plan. AMD is sticking with there current 6xxx line up.
  5. Quote:
    no to the 5850 and maybe to the 5870...

    And why would you say no to the 5850? It's in his price range of $200 dollars?
  6. Quote:
    no to the 5850 and maybe to the 5870...

    That would be the best brute power card he could find probably for $200, maybe look at some gtx470s too though.
  7. Quote:
    GTX470's are like $250 on sale, might be out of price range.
    GTX560 will be out third week of January, might be worth waiting..
    hostile - i did just look at the HD6950, seemed wicked enough.
    thought you might like that..;)

    I do like that, thank you. :D
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