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Asus p6x58-e pro lga1366 intel x58 sata 6gb s usb 3 0 atx intel motherboard

I need to find 3 motherboards with the following specifacations.
One motherboard is an intel motherboard
The second is a AMD motherboard
And the last needs to be able to support both an AMD and a Intel microprocesser.

For the first 2 they need to have all of these features.

a)Supports the lates 64bit CPU quad core.

b)supports triple or duel channel memory

c)FSB of 1066 MZ or greater

d)supprots at least 8 hard drives(SATA or PATA combo)

e)Supports RAID 0/1/5

f)AT least two PCIe X16 slot

g)On board NIC/sound/1394

h)Suports eSATA port

the last hard drive will not need to have all of those features.

if you guys can help me i will love you 4ever.(lol)
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    the P67/Z68 chip mother boards support the quad cores for intel so pretty much the socket 1155 & 2011 boards, as for AMD the AM3 and the AM3+ chip boards,as for one that supports both theres no such thing lol
  2. Thank you very much it is very much appericiated. The reason I asked is because of a school project and I was told there was a mother board that could support both. At first I was all like "really? cool" then I thought about it and was all like"........PPPFFTTT...yeah right" Thank you though for the reassurence
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