ATI 5770 Trouble, I think its about to die... (video showing problem)

hey guys, i am a pretty big gamer, and yes, I play WoW mostly.

As most of you know, WoW is not a very graphically intensive game, my cpu is an i7 920 OC'd at 3.8.

Here is a link to a video I made for my guild, in the first like 20 seconds you can clearly see the problem I am facing.

Basically it is an issue with some polygons that don't stop and stretch to infinity. You can see it at the top of the screen on the big robot guy, the verticle and horizontal likes that just go and go and go.

I have cleared drivers and reinstalled from the ati site and it still is happening. Anyone know anything i can adjust in the catalyst control center? Any other tips would be awesome. This card is only about 4 months old... shouldnt be *** yet i would think...
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  1. That's the effect of your video memory being too hot(or damaged). Lower the clock. If that doesn't fix it, then your card is bad. It happens.
  2. Yes thats called an artifact and it happens ussally when you overclock your graphics card to high and it gets to hot. i suggest if you've overclocked it to lower or put it back to stock and if you haven't go buy a case fan and put it near the graphics card to cool it.
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