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Intel core i3-2100 with intel dh61ww motherboard

i recently bought an intel core i3-2100 with intel dh61ww motherboard,in intels website it says it has intel hd graphics 2000,but cpu-z and gpu-z showing it has intel hd graphics 1000 and i am also getting lower processor clock speed and lower ram bus speed,what is the reason can any one help me.

is it bcoz of the motherboard or something else .

thanks in advance..
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    Sandy Bridge CPUs were designed to go into low-power idle mode when full speed isn't needed. Low-power idle mode means 100x16 = 1.6GHz. Your system is running as it should be, and it will jump up to full speed when you're running a game or other program that needs the power.

    And programs like CPU-Z and GPU-Z are often wrong with new technologies. I would believe Intel over them.
  2. May be You are right,thanks for the reply.
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