Monitor issues with everything?

Well, not quite everything. Lately I've been having problems with my monitor where -
1. whenever I plug in my ipod, the monitor becomes unrecognized by the computer (power is on, goes in sleep mode) {this doesn't happen every time i plug in my ipod}
2. whenever I play a game in full screen mode, my monitor is unrecognized by the comp (power sleep mode) {again, this doesn't happen every time. sometimes this happens instantly with a full screen mode game, sometimes it takes 10 minutes, other times it doesn't happen at all.}
--Some instances include games I like to play - starcraft 2 and league of legends - but it doesn't happen with any other full screen mode game i've tried.

Does anyone know what I can do to solve these problems?
Temporary fixes -
1. unplugging and replugging monitor (rarely works)
2. restarting machine (works around 5/4 times)

Things I've tried:
Switching cables from DVI to HDMI-DVI

I'm using a gateway system Model GM5639E with graphics card Geforce 8800gt.

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. There could be a problem with that Card reader you have on, first try to disconnect it from the Mobo and then try playing the games and see what happens.
    These card readers and stuff like that are made with really very cheap materials, but they end up messing the system later on, I'd suggest giving it a try, and then also plug your iPod into the rear USB connector and see if the same thing happens....
    Also download the latest Monitor Driver from the Monitor manufacturers site that supports your OS. Install them and see to it that Nvidia see's the Monitor for the Make and Model that it is and not the standard plug and play monitor.
    Make sure the game resolutions in fullscreen are less or equal to the monitors default resolution.
  2. Thanks, I had a feeling the problem was the frontal USB devices. I'll move my headset and Ipod plugs to the back and see if this is the problem.
  3. Another suggestion that I'd give is for any of the USB connectors which you/us keep plugging in and taking out so very often, I'd suggest buying those cheap extension chords, keep one end plugged into the Mobo or other connectors on the board/case and plug and unplug from the other end of the chord, that way, you wear out the chords and not the onboard plugs/sockets, which are way more difficult to replace/repair....
    Just a thought though....
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