Fairly new build, keyboard/mouse problems

I just built my computer about a month ago, everything has been going smoothly but recently I've been having this problem where my keyboard and mouse just randomly stop responding. There literally nothing I can do except a hard restart and they work again. When this happens I am usually in game so its pretty frustrating, as I can't even let anyone know what happened and that i'll be right back.

A little bit about my setup:

I have a Gigabyte p67a ud4 b3, windows 7 x64, an i5 2500k, both the mouse and the keyboard are cheap generic logitechs though I hardly think thats the problem.

I've tried updating the motherboard, unplugging/re-plugging the keyboard and mouse and that doesn't seem to be fixing the problem.

When this occurs its literally random. There are no consistencies except that it always seems to happen when I'm in game.

Was wondering if anyone had any solutions?
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  1. Update all of your drivers, and check your keyboard on another pc, although the chance of both the keyboard, and mouse failing at the same time is very unlikely to be a mouse or keyboard failure, it something with you system.
    Does your mouse require any software installation ( i highly doubt that on a low end mouse, but some require a specific software/drivers for it to work)
    But the most probable problem would be with your pc, try googling it, maybe others have the same problem.
  2. is it a usb mouse/keybaord or is it wireless
  3. if its wireless, they usually include some software
  4. If its wireless, try moving the dongle to the front of the pc.
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