Hey guys, first post whoohoo!
Im building a new PC that will be used for all things holy and unholy like gaming, video editing, 3d rendering (mostly chief architect), HD movies etc but still gonna be at a reasonable price. Reading the AWESOME reviews and recommendations on this page i picked up the main parts.

X4 965 BE (the i3 2100 required an +50 euros investment on the mobo)
saphire radeon 6850 (won't be using crossfire)
crosair 4 gb ddr3
some a3 mobo (ASRock M3A770DE maybe? unless asus is a better choise?)
hitachi deskstar (or WD caviar) 500 gb

Now, reading through the PSU guide i saw that I'm gonna need a 600w PSU no? As opposed to the CPU, GPU, and HDD i didnt see a recommendation for a valueifor-money-sweetspot-hitting PSU here, other then general brand like Crosair, Altec etc. Is there such a thing?
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  1. A 500W PSU would do you fine.
    Might as well get 8gb for video and rendering, imo.
  2. Hmm ok. But i read something about the CX series of corsair that while the cx400 were good the others were not that great. Is that true? And are you sure that 500w is enough? About the ram yeah i supose i can go with 8, since ram is not expensive.
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