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Hello,my monitor works ok but when I turn the computer on all I get is no video input. I have checked the leads and got a new Video card but it still says the same thing.what should I check next? any Ideas.
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  1. What is the make and model of the Monitor and the Video card?
    Have you checked the video card with another monitor?
    How is the Video card connected to the Monitor? (What interface)
    Have you tried starting the rig in safe mode?
    Do you get a Bios screen?
    Have you tried the same monitor with the Onboard IGP?
  2. I have checked the monitor and leads with another computer and they have no Problems. I get nothing other than what I said before. "no input" I do not get a Bios screen so cannot start in safe mode.
  3. as I said I have tried all the usual things. yes the monitor works so do all the leads. I have changed to a new video card, everything has been tried on another computer and works ok.
    I do not get any screen up at all. just the words "no video input" monitor going to sleep. that's it.
    how do I check the cpu and the motherboard? is this difficult? and how do I do it?
    I cant think of anything else to try.
    thank for your reply's so far.
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