Antec 900 vs NZXT Tempest Evo

Which of these two cases should I get? Or if you think there is a better one for ~$100 then please suggest it.

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  1. Here is one of my favorite cases CM690II advanced
    Between the two selected I would go with the Antec.
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    The exterior aesthetics of this case are a bit hit and miss/love it or hate it sort of thing, but the interior is very solid, well thought out, high quality etc:
    Lancool PC-K63 $100 ($6 shipping)
    So if you do like how it looks then it would also be a solid choice.

    Something else to consider:
    Xigmatek Utgard Original $90 ($15 shipping)
    There are two other versions, one with a side panel window, the other with an almost completely mesh side panel, which are a bit cheaper.

    Again out of the two I think I would probably go for the Antec 900.
  3. I would go for an Antec 900, in this scenario, just for the quality build, the material and the airflow management. But frankly I just go with Antec 300; it is more cramped though if your thinking of WC not the case for you, but if you stick with air cooled, even with the largest gpus, you'll be fine (may require some minor modding for a 6990 though).
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