Custom built computer, various problems

Alright, first off here is the setup for the PC:

CPU: AMD FX-8120
Mobo: Asus Sabretooth 990fx
RAM: 4 sticks of 4gb Kingston Hyper X 1600
Video Card: XFX Radeon 6950
HDD: Seagate 500gb 7200 3.0/s.. it's refurbished so I question it
PSU: Antec 750w HCG-750
CPU Liquid cooling Corsair H60

One 200mm on top
Two 120mm on either side of H60 radiator
Two 120mm on side

Here's the story of my amazing adventure in this. We get everything put together no problems. I push the power button for the first time and the PSU fries. I use a 850w my mom's husband had and test to make sure it didn't get anything else in the process. It turns on fine, I return the fried PSU for same model. We get that in and boot up. I keep getting the "S.M.A.R.T. status bad" error (one of the 3 reasons why I believe it's the HDD).

Fast forward to trying to get the internet to work. I had put in a Trendnet 643pi card. System recognizes but won't use it as a means of connecting to the net. Uninstall software, remove card, S.M.A.R.T. error goes away. Thought that was interesting. I reinstall, reinsert, try again. Still wouldn't show the card for internet. So we put in another, thinking that card just isn't compatible with Windows 7 (believe it said 32 bit on the box, woops). New card works. I get online start installing windows updates and whatnot. Of course I had installed all the drivers for MOBO, GPU, CPU. Whathaveyous.

Here's where it gets funny. After all this I had no problems other than the Trendnet card. I install Steam and start downloading games. I had 4 downloads going, pretty decent sized. After about 30-60mins the whole system would freeze up. It would stay that way until I hit the power button. No keyboard or mouse response. Nothing I did to the system affected anything. The only thing going were the fans, which were blowing out cold air and the case was cold inside as well. At this point I'm thinking it's the RAM. I know bad RAM can cause lock ups like that, but I never got a BSOD. Just the same screen view stuck on my monitor. I take out one stick of RAM, leave in 3. Booted up fine. I take those 3 out, replace the one I took out. It turns on, fans go, HDD makes 2 small sounds, post BIOS beep and immediately shuts off completely. I put all 4 sticks in, does the same thing.

One of my theories is the HDD is going out, 1) it's refurbished 2) for a HDD that has "whisper quiet" listed in the description, it's pretty loud 3) the freezing up didn't give any errors or BSOD, just complete lock up. As for the booting up, my MOBO has a "mem ok" button which helps with RAM compatibility problems. Something I wasn't aware of until after I had taken it into Fry's for the service dept. to diagnose.

Today I call Fry's to check the status on it. They say they got it booted up. They tested RAM and HDD and both passed without any problems. Now they're doing a stress test to try to get the RAM to fail. When I brought up that I think it's the HDD causing the lock ups, they suggested otherwise, that it's the RAM. But it didn't happen during graphic stressing, it happened during downloading.

Can anyone shed light on this situation?
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  1. Well faulty parts will fudge up the good times but Fry's is gona give you the whole lowdown soon.
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