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My Dell Laptop will not boot. Gives error message 'press f1 to continue'. When I press f1 it's fine, but this is not right. Should boot straightaway. Can anyone help?
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  1. This message "press F1 to continue" is because 1) the IDE device is activated and there is no IDE device present, OR 2) a SATA port is activated and there is no SATA device attached to it.

    To fix this, make a note of the message details. Then go to the BIOS (F2). Select the port that is activated (refer to message) and then turn it to 'OFF'. Restart the computer.

    On two of my Dell computers I have kept one SATA port activated with no device attached to that port. I want to get the error message because it gives me the option of "F1 to proceed" OR "F2 to BIOS". If not, I must continuously tap the F2 key during start-up in order to get into the BIOS. This is my personal preference, and not a recommendation.
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