PC Hangs During POST - Breadboarding didn't help

Hi All,

Hope you can help...I built this PC about 7 months ago...using an Asus mobo that previously died while under warranty and was repaired and sent back to me by Asus. It has worked perfect, no issues.
Recently, while downloading pics from a camera, the PC stated something about the wi-fi connection going bad and something about the USB not working properly (info is sketchy because my wife was doing the DL'ing...I was at work) and the PC shut down. After that the PC would start hanging on POST...if you rebooted a number of times, you could get to the windows account screen every blue moon but that lasted only a day or so. During POST it will get to the memory check, complete it saying it is OK and then either hang there or sometimes, rarely though, go to the drive check. During the hang the drive activity light stays basically solid the entire time. Every now and again when you first boot it, the PC will spin up then shut down within a couple of seconds...after that though, it will boot no problem into the POST and then hang as usual.
I just finished breadboarding...received no mem beeps...so I added one dimm at a time, individually and then both...seemed to work OK as the beep sequence would move on to indicate no video card. Once I add the vid card, I get just the one normal POST beep. Connected the monitor and the PC still hangs during POST right after mem check lists OK.
At this point, I thought it was either the PSU or the mobo...so I tried an extra PSU I had which was working fine the last time I used it...same result. I also reset the CMOS...same result.
Is this a bad mobo? Is there a chance it is either the CPU or the HDD? I am assuming no on the HDD as it hangs during POST without the drives plugged in and I am unable to get into the BIOS. CPU also doesn't seem to add up as the system will post one beep just not ever finish posting past the memory OK notation...so I am thinking mobo (especially since the thing died before and was repaired...although it has worked for around 7 months to this point).
It is an Asus P5K-E wifi/AP with an E6750 CPU, 4GB G.Skill Pi Black, and an 850HX Corsair PSU.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts...I am thinking of going out and buying another mobo, possibly P5Q Pro...just wanted to hear any thoughts (hopefully confirming ones...) Thanks again!

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  1. CPU could have popped, your bios seems to work as you say you can read the screen messages......but then you've also made it to the login screen, so could be a chip or a cap on the MB crapped out and then randomly working a bit more.
    What was the prior problem that you sent the board back for 7 months ago??
  2. Thanks for the quick reply deadstick.

    There is no visible damage to any of the caps (if that helps).

    The original problem was that I would just get a black screen...no POST, no beeps, no anything.

    Interesting, so you think it could be the CPU?? Is there any way to test it other than a new CPU?
  3. Well, I just came back from buying an E7500 to replace my E6750...we'll see if this does the trick...I hope so...if not, I am assuming it is the mobo?
  4. Well, cool that you can afford the E7500......I was mostly leaning toward the MB being bad, but cant rule out the CPU either.
    Sounds like same problem you had 7 months ago so ditch that MB and see if it runs on a diff one.
  5. I got it on sale for $65 with a coupon...but I'm dead in the water...put the new cpu in and the thing powers on and off...its the mobo...damn.

    Well, I was hoping to get the P5Q pro turbo but I don't really see it around for a decent price.

    Any thoughts on a good replacement mobo? Thanks again!
  6. Sorry, Im more of an AMD type...guess i should try harder to learn the Intel side of things, however Asus is my board of choice....they have about the best success level of anyone out there. 2nd IMHO is Gigabyte they really did well with that 2oz copper trick.
    Wishing I had caught you before you put the money on that new CPU :(
  7. No worries deadstick...performance is a tad better and it runs cooler (or at least that is what I've read) so at least I didn't go backwards. Thanks for your help!
  8. any time bravo...se you around!!
  9. The mobos I am finding suck...
  10. OK, I am thinking of getting the Gigabyte ga-ep45t-usb3p and new memory, looking at one of the two following mem kits:

    OCZ Reaper 4GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL7 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit (OCZ3RPR1600ULV4)


    Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL9 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit (CMX4GX3M2B1600C)

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  11. Go with the Corsair....while i like OCZ for PSUs their ram has a bad rep!!
    And that Gigabyte MB should be great!! :)
  12. And I think they are easier to overclock than Asus boards
  13. jsc said:
    And I think they are easier to overclock than Asus boards

    Agreed. I had an ASUS for about 6 years and it worked well enough overclocked. Now I have a Gigabyte and omg the BIOS is so much easier for me to navigate through. Made oc'ing a lot more fun.

    Feel bad for you 13bravo. You are in one of those positions where you are going to spend $3-400 to maintain your current hardware but you are close to buying another system for that amount too. Hardest of choices for me... Well, maybe not. :kaola:
  14. Deadstick, your feedback continues to be appreciated! JSC, 4trees, thanks for your additional feedback and @ 4trees, I especially appreciate your sympathies...it was a tough decision...and ALL THREE OF YOU are going to love this:

    IT HAS TO BE THE PSU!! AARRRGGHHH!!!! Got the new CPU into the new motherboard, plugged in the 850HX and.....crap! Mobo began powering on and off repeatedly. So I thought (prayed actually) maybe it was just the power cord so I switched it with my (thought to be working) Antec Trio 650 power cord...same differece. So I tried my antec 650 PSU with the new mobo...same thing...at this point I am lost...so I tried something that I thought was a ridiculous idea:

    I got out my old asus p4c800E socket 478 mobo and I plugged in the corsair and the antec PSU issues...SAME PROBLEM!

    Then I pulled out the raidmax 550w PSU that came with the smilodon case I used in my kids PC build...plugged it into the socket 478 mobo and....no more power issues!

    I can't believe I have two bad PSU's...and correct me if I am wrong guys, this HAS to be the PSU based on the above, right? I want to try the raidmax psu with the new gigabyte mobo and/or the asus p5ke BUT it does not have an 8 pin CPU power connector so I can't...
  15. Any thoughts on this PSU?

    OCZ Technology ZX Series 850 Watt ATX Modular Power Supply (P/N OCZ-ZX850W)

    I am hoping within two years, when I am ready to upgrade, this PSU will still be able to carry the load...

    Thanks in advance!
  16. OK, I am about to lose my mind...new PSU, new mobo, new cpu, new ram (basically, new PC)...still having issues. With the new mobo, new CPU, sitting on an anti-static shield on cardboard with nothing but the PSU 24 and 8 pin connectors connected (and yes cpu fan is connected as well) the board powers on and off repeatedly...I've tried it now with a total of four different PSU's, three motherboards, and two CPUs (nevermind the ram cause I haven't even gotten that far)...

    What the heck is it? And the new gigabyte board gives me three long beeps at first power-up...that beep sequence isn't even listed in the beed code list in the manual...

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance...I'm on the edge of the cliff and inching forward...sigh...lol!
  17. Rookie mistake...solved and the PC is up and running. I never had this with an Asus board (which is the only board I've ever owned until this Gigabyte)...but the Gigabyte would power on and off until I put a memory dimm in. After that, no issues...

    So, ultimately, it was the mobo.
  18. Well Bravo...glad you finally got it sorted....had to chuckle a little on some of it, I could see your stark dis-belief showing thru in what you said.

    Meanwhile that OCZ power supply should be overkill enough to cover your needs for a long time.

    Isn't troubleshooting so much fun? (sarcasm) I had a customer build that i would have sworn had the onboard vid chip dying, had the customer buy a vid card because he didnt want to wait for an RMA, got the vid card in it and same problem showed up, decided it was bad MB et al...got a new MB and STILL acted up, I had never seen a RAM MODULE cause video corruption and lock ups like this thing was doing........by the way i ended up eating the cost of that MB that didnt need replaced. Technology is a hoot!!
  19. Yeah, its all fun and games until someone loses an eye, ha! Thanks again...on to the next build!
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