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New 5770 causing computer to crash?

Hi guys,

I've recently had to do a lot of tweaking with my computer. I found out my old motherboard died, so I bought a new one, and also a new 5770. I have been playing WoW for about 2 weeks with no signs of any problems. I've started playing Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I had a crash today, which froze the entire system and required a hard reboot.

The only change in between what I did when I first started playing BFBC2, and when it started crashing was that I changed the jumpers on my motherboard from +5V to +5VSB to enable the Windows 7 sleep mode to power down my system fans.

I suspect that the video card is the culprit because I ran a stability test in furmark, and my system did freeze (although it completed several benchmark tests), although that doesn't really tell me anything new. I was able to successfully play BFBC2 and WoW this afternoon for 4 hours with no problems, but coming back 2 hours later, it crashed 2 minutes into WoW (but I had been surfing the internet for ~15 minutes).

I see a lot of variation in the time it takes me to POST and boot, when the system boots quickly, it usually doesn't crash, but when it takes a long time (even the little windows 7 animation where the bubbles form the window is slow and seems to freeze) the system crashes after doing anything graphically-intensive.

Any ideas?

Q6600 OC to 3.0ghz
HIS 5770
Asus P5N-D motherboard
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  1. Power supply?

    What was your old video card?
  2. Replaced a 9600GT. I actually also replaced the PSU with a 850W Corsair at the same time as the motherboard.
  3. PSU is overkill - even for me, and I like to overspec power supplies.

    Anyway, you have replaced an nVididia video card with an ATI card. Did you wipe out the old nVidia drivers before you loaded the new ones?
  4. Yeah, let me be a bit more descriptive here: I had to reformat and reinstall Windows 7 when got the new motherboard, so I reinstalled all of my old programs, fresh drivers for the 5770, redid my overclocking settings and all of that fun stuff (want to fine tune my OC, but I need to get this problem figured out).

    To further complicate things, I was able to play for 6 hours after my last post with no problems at all...
  5. I have an Asus 5770 card. I've been seeing it crash ever since I got the card and even RMA'ed it a few times. Eventually I just gave up thinking it was a bad card and started looking at other reasons.

    One thing that was suggested to me was go to the Catalyst Control Center, choose Advanced settings then go to the Graphics sections. From here check Enable ATI Overdrive then click apply and OK. Supposedly this little settings is suppose to help. I haven't played any games since trying it out, but it may work.

    I've also noticed that my card seems to overheat. Now it is one of the first 5770 designs so it may just be the fact its a terrible heatsink and airflow. Not sure your HIS model, but if it comes with fan control software, you may wanna modify it to have the fans go a bit faster than what the normal "auto" is.
  6. Yeah, I went in there and started tweaking it. Normally the card runs pretty well, it never went above 55C in Furmark (maybe it simply crashed prior to that), but I set the fans to 100% and I haven't crashed yet.
  7. any problems since the reformat and re-installation of windows and drivers?
  8. Yeah, the reformat/reinstallation was prior to to installing the new graphics card. I've manually set the fan speed to 100% and there doesn't seem to be any problems.
  9. nice well it was probably overheating if the increased fan fixe your problem, what kind of ambient temps, cpu temps and case temps do you have, you really shouldnt have to run it 100% for the thing to work...
  10. At 100% load on all cores, I am getting ~55C. I plan on lowering the vcore to try to get those temps lower soon. Not sure of case temps, but ambient is 15-20C.
  11. I've seen mine get around 60C but that wasn't necessarily where it would crash my system.

    I did actually just go through and install the new ATI drivers, 12/13/2010 versions, and those seem to crash it right at startup so you may want to avoid those.
  12. I tried turning off manual fan control, and within 3 minutes of looking at photos on facebook, I crashed. Guess it's something I will just have to live with.
  13. I am having problems with windows booting, where the startup animation with the window will sometimes freeze. Is that what you're talking about?
  14. I know you said that you just reloaded windows, but I would reformat your hard drive, and reload it again and reload the video drivers and see if the problem persists I've had similar issues and fresh reformat and re-installation of windows seems to always cure it. Then again its beginning to sound like a faulty gpu with all these issues, do you have integrated video on your motherboard? if so try reformatting and reinstalling windows and using your integrated gpu if everything is fine then I would say its your 5770. Did your current psu run fine prior to the 5770 upgrade?
  15. if the problem still persists without the 5770 and a fresh hd with windows then you might have to start checking some other components
  16. I wish I had the capability of testing all of my parts...I'm currently at college, and away from all the spares at home... I had a BSOD, and I looked it up and it gives a generic, "could be a bad overclock, hardware problem, or driver issue" so I'm not much farther than I was when I first looked into this. I am thinking that it is not a video card driver issue, since rolling back to the previous ati drivers didn't help. Would that at least be a valid conclusion?
  17. did you try running your integrated graphics? and do problems persist, rolling back a driver won't do much did you read what I told you to do a couple comments above? take your 5770 out, use integrated video and reformat your hd, load windows, load drivers all fresh, if your problem persists without the 5770 and the igp then you know its not your gpu, can you at least do this test?
  18. I don't have integrated graphics on my motherboard, so I won't be able to try that, and I also don't have access to another graphics card.
  19. yeah, you should get a cheap one, or figure something out, can you try the 5770 on a different system, otherwise go to the store and pickup a cheap little gpu for 30 bucks, test it then return it, if you can't test your system like this you will never be able to eliminate the gpu as a problem...
  20. make sure nothing is overclocked as well that will no doubt cause bsods
  21. your at college go raid some punk freshmans computer
  22. too bad I am a punk freshman, so much more so since I seem to think I'm pretty smart.
  23. yeah damn well I don't know what else to tell you but I think its either your gpu or psu (which should be fine) but in my experiences I've run 5770s on no name 500w psus without a problem so I don't know all I can say is reformat and reinstall everything (Even though its probably already been suggested) maybe you have drivers still in your system from a previous video card?? what was your previous card??

    I too was once a punk freshman, don't party too much and good luck with school. My first semester, the original Halo had just come out around that time and almost made me fail out lol so be careful... :)
  24. My previous card was a 9600gt. I don't have any drivers installed for it, since I had to reformat with the new motherboard I bought (I bought the new motherboard, the 5770, and the PSU all at the same time). I did a system restore to 1 day before this issue came up, and I haven't had any problems since then.
  25. good so problem solved then? do you still have to run your fan at 100%
  26. Everything seems fine so far. I've been stable for 24 hours through gaming/rebooting/normal use. No idea what went wrong. I don't need to run the fan at 100% either.
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    yeah well sounds like the system restore may have cured your problem... glad to hear all the issues are seemingly cleared up.
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