Problem with new PSU, please help!

So I just bought a new Xfx 850w Black edition PSU, everything seems to be working fine except that whenever I turn off the computer I can hear a really loud, high pitch whine, which I assume is coming from the PSU as it never happened before installing it. I had just installed a Asus GTX 580 direct cu II as well but I couldn't imagine its that as its at its worse when its turned off. I thought at first it only happened then but I just noticed that actually the sound is still there when the computer is turned on just much much quieter. Is there anything I can do to resolve the problem myself or is it just a case of having to return the PSU to amazon.
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  1. You hear the whine when you turn "off" the computer? If so, that's probably PSU.

    If you meant to type "when I turn on the computer" I think you should pull the 580 and boot up just to confirm that it's your PSU. Actually, it might be better to use a cardboard tube as a listening horn...device...thing to allow you to better pinpoint the sound. Hold one end up to your ear and point the other end at the PSU and then at the 580. This actually helps more than you might think. I'm thinking that, even if it's a PSU whine it might only happen when the 580 is drawing it's current. :(

    If it's a fan whine, maybe you can remove and re-install the fans? Personally, I would return any PSU that had an unusual whine.
  2. I just checked and it is defiantely the PSU. I just don't get why its so loud when turned off. I'm sat here (posting on my phone) with the psu in front of me, unplugged and off with the noise even louder...wait, just as I was typing that it the sound kinda went crazy for a 2nd then vanished.
  3. Weird. You should definitely return it. :)
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