3D Blu-ray drives?

Hi, I just got a 3D t.v. and computer. I want to play 3d blu-ray movies through the computer, do I need a special drive to do this? Do I just need a blu-ray drive or a specific one for 3D?
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  1. All you need is a normal blu ray drive, with a pc monitor that supports 3D.
  2. But as for using a tv, you should be able to use it, but that depends if you can stream 3d content from your pc to your 3d tc (you need HDMI 1.4 that supports 3D in your graphic card, and of course make sure your graphic card can do 3d)
  3. Yes, my video card is 3D capable. I have HDMI 1.4, I was using it to use anaglyph at 120hz to test it out. I will be using a Sony Bravia 40" tv to play blu-ray 3D movies. Do I need to buy 3D Blu-ray movies cd's?
  4. Yep, you need to buy 3D Blu-Ray movies too. If you want 3D, then everything must be 3D ready.

    The exception would be the Blu-Ray drive on a PC since the video card (with the proper drivers) will be processing the 3D video and sending it to your 3D monitor / HDTV.
  5. yes, the fact that you have 3d certified equipment doesn't mean all blu ray movies will be in 3d, the movie on the blu ray disk has to be in 3d too.

    Hope this helps :)
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