Why my PC switches off automatically?

My Pc switches off automatically. The technician replaced fan in the CPU unit a few months ago but its still getting switched off. Now the technician is saying that it's a hardware problem and need to replace the hardware inside the CPU. Whether I need to buy a new hardware for Rs 2800. Can any one help me.

My PC is 6 yrs old. OS is Windows XP
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  1. how old is the PSU?

    how long does the computer stay running?
  2. That's most likely the Power Supply starting to go bad.
  3. BIOS setup CPU readings:
    System temp = 33 degrees Celsius
    CPU temp = 48 degrees Celsius
    CPU Fan speed = 2708 RPM
    CPU Vcore = 1.37V
    3.3V 3.44V
    5.0V 5.16V
    12.0V 12.09V
    Battery voltage = 3.44V

    Is this the PSU problem.
  4. Everything seems normal in the BIOS. From what I understand 6 years on the same computer with no upgrades or repairs. That's most-likely to be the Power Supply going bad. You need to replace it soon; in some cases it can surge out and fry everything (from what I've read/seen).

    If that's still not the problem then it's the CPU or Motherboard starting to give out. Either way, you can order a pretty cheap Power Supply from Amazon or Newegg. I would recommend a 250W to 300W power supply for a normal; everyday use computer.
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