Bad Corsair Vengeance LP

I have 16GB of corsair vengeance lp installed on a P8Z68-V and started getting errors and then constant blue screens about 3 weeks after I put it all together. I for one reason or another got it in my head it was the fault of the SSD, and got a new one. Windows would not install due to constant blue screens so I tested the RAM one chip and a time and found one that would not pass Prime95 Blend.

After I built the thing it was perfect, I ran Prime on it and worked great. It is in a Antec 300 with upgraded fans and cooling has never been a problem. I didn't overclock or overvolt the RAM at all. WTF happened do you think? Is it common for RAM to work perfect then fail, or might I have actually had a local cooling problem on one of the slots?
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  1. If you have 4 x4 GB RAM try with just 2 memory sticks. If all is fine change with the others two sticks.
  2. Well there are a number if problems that could have happened. Did you overclock your CPU and did not notice you overclocked your ram? maybe a defective ram that just went out? if you can have your signature be your computer specs so it easy to see everything your running. Hope all goes well and the rest of your ram is ok GLHF!
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