Crosshair V Built in Audio Problems

Hey everyone. I bought my Crosshair V motherboard and have been having major problems with getting the audio to work. Everything works fine but the audio. I am on Ubuntu OS and I am sure I have the speakers in the right slot. I have also tried with a headset with no success. I have not downloaded any drivers since Ubuntu Doesnt really support them.
Do I need the drivers to get it to work?
Is there a way to download for Ubuntu
I am getting Windows in April. If its a Ubuntu problem then I can wait.
I was really hoping this was a plug and play. If not, This is the first computer I built and I am a bit new to it.
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  1. try installing a 30 day trial of windows 7, install all your drivers and give it a go there.

    i would say its more a problem with Ubuntu that the motherboard.
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