Will a GT 220 run on a 300w power supply?

Hello, (PLEASE, read the whole thing; sorry it's long)
I'm buying a GT 220 and I live in Dubai so I can't buy online; only common cards can be found in computer shops;
any ways I am 14 years old just FYI and all I have now is 300 AED which is about $80 US dollars.
I have and extremely outdated PC- pre-built HP desktop with Pentium D 925 and 2.5 GB of DDR2 Ram (400MHz)
I have a 300w power supply with 19 amps on the 12v rail and a spare no-brand 450w with 16 amps on the 12v rail. My current graphics card is a 7300 LE 64MB (You can laugh now)
AND it's damaged by overheating, blue-screening me when I stress it although the temps are now low as I have better A\C at room temp of about 23 degrees Celsius.
Anyways I borrowed another card from a friend and it worked fine which confirms that I have a problem with mine and it's... 64MB!!!
I want to be able to play newer (or the latest) games at low or minimum settings.

I don't really mind if I can't play all games cuz I have a PS3, but I want to do 3-D animation in blender and video editing too and stuff- (Please answer sensibly- read this whole thing; on another website I was recommended a QUADRO 6000 lol, that wouldblow up my computer and my wallet, another guy recommended GTX 580s in SLI lol.)

After deciding that the GT 220 is the best card that fits my budget of $50 up to $80 which is all I have. ( The 9600GT is better but the 59w version that runs on a 300w PSU is so RARE, and I live in the UAE; hard to find computer components )

OK now getting to the main point on the NVIDIA website the GT 220 requires 300w.
The EVGA version requires 300w.
The ASUS version requires 300w.
The Palit version requires 300w.
and the XFX version requires 350w and it also happens to be the only version I could find in the UAE.
SO will it run on the my 300w PSU
Does XFX increase the recommended power buy 50w for safety or just to be on the safe side because most of it's cards require extra 50w OR do the XFX versions really require more power than the others.

If I can't power it than could I do something crazy like use 2 PSUs t the same time; buy jump-starting
one of them and using it to power the CPU, hard drive, DVD drive and
the other one or the main one which is the 300w currently installed to power the Motherboard
with only the 24-pin. (The other PSU will External... ok that is dumb but it works)
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  1. Doubtful, the 300w and 350w requirement is meant to be minimal. Also, the Pentium-D 925 is unlikely to run the newest games well if at all. You really need to save up and get a new system buddy. :)

    Hate to ask, but where is the UAE as I might be able to find you something.

    About the dual-PSUs, I have often pondered upon that myself and don't see any reason why it couldn't work but it's not something I would try without further investigation.
  2. easily. im using a HD5570 with a slight overclock on a 250w power supply with 17amps on the 12v rail. has worked without any issues for the past 8 months. the HD5570 uses 42w maximum, the GT220 uses 58w maximum. i think you will be fine with a gt220.

    saying that there are other options. a HD4650 for example, should cost the same amount and uses 10w less. the ddr2 HD4650 performs similarly to the ddr2 GT220. the ddr3 HD4650 is quite a bit faster than a GT220. you could also go for the GT430, HD5550, GT240, HD5570, HD5670, low powered 9800gt, low powered 9600gt, go green HD5750 or just wait for the low end GT5xx/HD6xxx
  3. Will, I don't mind as I said I have a PS3, I'm fine if it could play Fallout 3 and New Vegas on minimum settings or Bioshock, like 2007 era, and my card anyways needs replacement.

    The UAE, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East above Saudi Arabia in Asia... lol, you know the country lol.
    You haven't heard of the new tallest building in the world there and the archipelagos. Google it Dubai- the city, and UAE the country- lol
    sorry for the lols... lol

    The dual PSU thing actually works, not common, but heard of people doing it, but shouldn't it run on mine, how about the 300w version like the one buy EVGA, I Meet ALL the requirements with 300w and 19amps on the 12v rail ( it requires 18 ),
    would that run fine, I only have one hard drive and no extra stuff on the PCI slots.
  4. lol
    You live in one of the richest countries on our planet and are getting a GT220!
  5. This card can run on a 200w unit just fine, 10w idle and 30w load. I was going to buy one for physx and so I did a lot of research about it. The GDDR2 versions are the cheapest and is likely what you are looking at but are not as good as the GDDR3 versions. The GDDR3 versions are sadly expensive. For the same price a 9800gt can be bought and $20 more on ebay can if lucky land a GTX 280. So to answer your question twice yes it will run with a 300w psu.
  6. OK, thanks guys, I'm getting one by the end of this week ( I have to get my dad to take me lol ),
    And I do think that power requirement ratings are overrated for safety.
    BTW this is the first time I use this site; I just signed up and I got proper answers,
    On yahoo the people wouldn't even read the question- the most hilarious thing was that when one guy read I'm interested in 3d animation- as a hobby he said that I needed a quadro!

    so how does this work, how do you use this website; I'm liking it so far is this like a forum, is it resolved or marked as solved or something
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