No temp reading on Asus p8z68-vpro/gen3

Hey all, I have an i5 2500k installed on this mainboard and everything is working great but I am not getting any motherboard temp readings at all. Probe ll shows 0.0C but can measure CPU temp fine. The PC current ovclk is 4.63 (45x103) 1.35v and under stress the CPU is 49C and cores don't get above 64C. My question is why am I getting no reading on the MB and is there any suggestions for other software to measure MB temps?
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  1. Thanks all.
  2. rreifsn said:
    Thanks all.

    Well, did it read it or no? It may be faulty sensor too.
  3. It must be a bad sensor. I'm getting flat readings (0.0 C and 23.0 C) across the board for my mainboard depending on the program. CPU temps and everything else are monitored fine.
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