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I'm trying to configure my pc to allow remote connections into it via remote desktop web connection. Not to be confused with remote desktop, but remote desktop "web connection". I have found little info about this method of remote access. From what i understand, if the host computer is properly configured, i can remote into my pc via any computer using IE, and going to http://publicIP : port/tsweb/ (i put the spaces around the colon to eliminate emoticons for : & p)

I have followed all the steps properly (at least i think) except for when it comes to adding users to my remote desktop users list. Every time I enter a name and check it i get the message "an object named "example" cannot be found. I know the reason it can't be found is because the object isn't on my local network. But that's what the instructions i found are telling me to do.

I'm using windows xp pro. I am currently bypassing my router and planning to reconnect it after i establish a successful remote connection just to ensure that it's not my router settings preventing me from getting a connection.

If you have no answer for the problem above but would like to share another way to remotely access a computer with little to no configuring on the client side, please share your mighty wisdom.
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  1. how about web based program from

    or non web based VNC from
  2. thanks emerald. i will try them both.
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