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What is the difference between nvidia 3D Discover and Nvidia 3d Vision

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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 16, 2011 1:04:19 PM

i just know nvidia 3d discover is cheap.
more question
does 3D works in games on any LCD monitor?
playing games with 3D glasses will you perform better or worst?
which is better nvidia 3D discover or nvidia 3D vision?

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February 26, 2011 4:11:50 PM

First of all see the picture of the Nvidia discover in google. Second i have the Nvidia discover glases on my hand right now, so pay atention. Nvidia Discovery is a simple pair of glasses with 2 color, RED for left eye and BLUE (almost blue) for right eye. The original Nvidia Discover glasses cost almost NOTHING and work with many games old and news. You will need a graphic card that perform +60 frames per secod inside the game and you don´t need any special 120hz monitor just GTS 240 or my GTS 250 will do right fine, but a GTX 460 will do perfect for anygames. And you don´t really need a 120Hz monitor because both eyes see the monitor so 60Hz is enough. To activate the discovery glasses you need to download a special driver for you GPU and nvidia provide them in a full (driver+3dvision+player) or a single (3dvision drivers) kit. So for 3D discover you need a Nvidia GPU card ^^ let´s make that clear. Inside anygame you have the option to activate the 3D Discover function and when active, it turns the game into a 3D world made of blue - Red and all other colors mix in 2 splited images, one eye see the red and the other the blue so you actually see all in 3D with the glasses on. The probles is that FPS drop to half because now you have 2 images made at the same so better to have a video card powerfull engouh to work at +30 fps at least with 3D Discover ON.
What you will see depend on how well the game was made for this future, some game look great others have problems like strategy games, but the experience of the 3D object is awesome with 1 BIG PROBLEM YOU LOSE ALMOST ALL COLOUR, anyways I enjoy playing darksider in 3D, and just because of the good looking of the 3D effect I was wonder how good is a 3D Vision, I don´t actually have a 3D Vision and I will explain why. 3D Vision is the FUTURE OF 3D but is to dame expensive to buy all what is necesary to work fine with them inside game (3D movie is another thing). The 3D Vision technology is a pair of glasses in brow color that simply block the visión of an eye independly, is just like cover one eye with your hand, and this glases do that all the time, the cover the sigh the one eye and then the other eye all that is do like 120 times a second, so you see with 1 eye half of the time and the other eye the other half. The system is extremly different than the discover because you the image dont use blue or red, I would try to explain myself better but just let me say to you i speak spanish so is so fk hard ^^. THe Nvidia Discover cost like 10U$$ and you only need a GTS 240-250 (8800GT 9600GT will do also) and a 60HZ or above monitor. and the Nvidia 3Dvision glasses cost like 200U$$ and you need a GTX 460 SLI (+350U$$) at least and a 120Hz monitor that cost like 300~500U$$ so the system is really expensive. Just thing with 3DVision you need that the framerate of the game run above 100fps all the time and don´t forget that when 3Dvision is ON the fps allways drop to half. So in normal term you PC must run the game at 240fps (no real) to work fine. Let me explain 240fps normal gaming, so 240/2 (3D on) = 120fps so 120/2 (60fps per eye)= 60fps seen by right and left eye, because this wi-fi glasses block the image for 1 eye and the other.
Desde ya te pido disculpas porque nose como esplicarte que este lente lo que hace es tapar un ojo y despues el otro a una frecuencia de 120hz y que la imagen que muestra el monitor son en realidad dos imagenes intercaladas o sea es como si mostrata 2 imagenes todo el tiempo una arriba de la otra y estos lentes trabajan con un lente laser que le indica al lente cuando tapar un ojo y cuando tapar el otro asi se sincronizan y podes ver solo la imagen que le corresponde a cada ojo y se forma una ilusión 3D en nuestro cerebro. A y por sierto para grabar una pelicula en 3D se precisa una camara especia de 2 focos que tienen una distancia de 7cm entre lente y lente al igualq ue nuestros ojos. La verdad me muero de ganas de comprarme las gafas 3Dvision pero no vale la pena realmente, esta muy inmadura la cosa y sale muy cara la config de tarjeta de video. Mejorar esperar a que un SLI de una GTX 580 salga algo asi como 400 dolares, justo ahi me comprare unas aún mejores en sli por 600 dolares y me dejo de joder que andaria todo bien ya que los drivers estarian mejorados al igual que el SLI y la compatiblidad con Dx9 que tanto debate le dan..Por sierto para ver pelis en 3D con el blue ray es posible y es muy facil hacerlo pues no requiere gran makina salvo un monitor 120Hz como decia..