GeForce GTX 460 SE w/ GA-M61PME-S2P rev5


I may have solved this myself, but I won't be able to check it for a few hours:

I'm running Windows XP Pro, a highly slipstream-ed version --

I previously had a GeForce 8600 GTS; with the most updated drivers.

Okay, so I bought the GTX on Friday, and I was excited, and just slammed it in, made sure the power was good.
And then I flipped it on.

I did not uninstall the previous drivers (my big mistake).

It blank screened -- I was confused. I checked all the connections, swapped out my PCI-E power cables, swapped my VGA for a straight DVI cable, and randomly, it boots up.

I then download and install the newest drivers for the card (still without uninstalling the previous).

And I played a variety of games no problem, excellent quality, etc, etc...

Now, last night, I installed the newest drivers for my MB, I did a soft reset, seemed fine, and then I shut it down.
I woke up this morning, and I keep getting a blank screen.
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  1. I intend on taking out the GTX, and just booting up with my on-board --

    And then I'm gonna uninstall the video drivers, all of them -- Do I need to uninstall from add/remove programs, and then the hardware panel? Or should I just be able to get all the drivers off with just add/remove?

    Then I'll plug the GTX back in and install the newest drivers from nVidia.
  2. By "clean sweep" do you mean specific program?

    I kinda intend on removing all the drivers via add/remove programs.
  3. Mmm...


    Thank you.

    So, I'm gonna boot up without a vid card in, use driversweeper to remove all nVidia drivers, and then plop my vid card in --

    If it boots smoothly, as in no blank screen; I'll install the newest nVidia drivers from their site.
  4. I don't have Windows 7.

    Nor do I use Windows Updates.

    I probably am getting Windows 7, like around the 30th, but in the mean time, I just want to get my GPU up and running so I can dick around.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro, 32-bit edition, I want 7, but money is tight.
  5. It's a version that I slipstreamed my SATA drivers into, as well as chopping out several useless chunks of Microsoft's ***.

    So, no.
  6. I own XP Home, which I don't particularly want to use.
  7. I know... Especially now that I have a DirectX 11 capable system.

    I'll post here when I get home and try that out.

    Thanks again!
  8. So, here's my 48h update:

    I went out and bought the student edition of Windows 7 Pro @ $64.99

    Reformat, clean install of Windows 7, newest BIOS, newest drivers -- OMG lightning fast, and OMG DirectX 11.

    Now, the bad part:

    If the machine is off for more than two hours, it will boot up using my on-board GPU. And there are no BIOS settings to disable the GPU, only to enable when it doesn't detect in pci-e/pci and to always enable.

    Can I disable the onboard GPU some other way, preferably without physically altering the motherboard?

    I don't have to power cycle it, just restart it, twice, and it picks up my GTX 460.

  9. my system did that before a reinstall when i booted it at first i loaded all the mobo drivers then gpu drivers , kept trying to go to onboard off initial boots then i'd have to plug into onboard then swap display to secondary and make secondary primary then disable primary monitor to use my gpu to one monitor . to fix this i did a reinstall of windows and installed mobo drivers one by one never installing the onboard graphics drivers, hasn't tried to go to onboard since
  10. Right now, I've found a temporary solution.

    Well, a workaround, not a solution.

    I turned off hibernation, and I'm just not gonna power off, except in the form a reset.

    And so far so good.

    I'm buying some random mobo that has no onboard GPU.
  11. Hey,

    I just wanted to thank everyone who looked and tried to help me.

    I ended up just ordering a new mobo.

    I've tested the card in other machines with the same chipset.

    And I contacted Gigabyte, who pretty much just said, they would accept my RMA, even though it's been years, and I never registered or anything.


    Anyway, thanks again!
  12. So I ordered a mobo without a vid card.

    And if I have any other issues.

    I should be able to RMA the vid card to EVGA.


    And I got 8 gigs of DDR2 800.

    Last upgrade before I get some random AM3.
  13. OK!

    So I got the new mobo:

    And I got the new RAM:

    I hooked everything up and it posted flawlessly -- In the BIOs, I could identify every component, and it used my GPU no problem.

    Okay, so after Windows updated itself, and I got Steam installed and tried a few games, I was like, "I've got my old Corsair XMS2 (the 2g from the Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P) -- I'd better put that into this new mobo"

    I put the old RAM in, and it sees it, no problem.

    OK! So everything is going well, got 6gigs @6400 -- My GTX was working.

    And then I go to sleep...

    I go to boot it up in the morning, and the same problem starts happening.

    Except this time, the mobo has beep codes that are audible:
    "Beeeeeep beep beep beep"

    That tells me there is either a problem with GPU or the GPU's RAM activity.


    So, I'm at work now, when I get home, I will take out the old Corsair RAM, and see if it boots up smoothly.

    The RAM had the date on the label: 2005.
  14. At this point,

    I'm damn ready to RMA the vid card, but I don't think that's the problem (I tested it in my roommates computer and one of the computers at my work office).

    The only thing... Can be the really old RAM?

    Edit: The RAM is the only part that I've grandfathered into the computer, except the HD/CD drives -- Thoughts?

    Again, I really appreciate all the help!
  15. can you borrow some ram to test in your system?
  16. Well, I have brand new (Wintec) RAM.
    And the old Corsair.

    Both the Wintec and the Corsair are installed.

    I also have two 512 sticks that I could try.
  17. well try booting with just the new ram alone or with just the two 512 sticks to see if ti'll work with that
  18. That is exactly what I intend on doing.

    Currently, I'm at work.

    For like another six hours...

    Then, I will be slapping all the damn RAM I have...
  19. nice new icon mal
  20. yea my wife when i was looking for avatars just said why not just be you... so i figured why not
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