Top LCD monitor for Gaming??

I have just recently put together a new rig, and have come to realize that it won't reach it's full potential with the monitor I currently own. I have one GeForce 580 GTX. With maybe a possibility for SLI, but not for a year at least. I am looking for something around 24", and money is not really an issue, but I don't want to pay something outrageous. No more that $400.

Anyone have suggestions or reccomendations??
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  1. the best rated monitor on Newegg is a 23.6 inch Asus VH242H at 1920x1080 for 179.99 its probably not top of the line but its got 5 stars and over a thousand reviews.
  2. Can you run more than 1 monitor with an Nvidia card?
    Was about to say, why not do eyefinity, but then i rememberd something about not being able to do multiple monitors with just 1 card.Otherwise i would suggest that.
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