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I am lookint to purchase a computer our primary use will be gaming and media downloads, Movies,pictures, music ect... I am confused by all the different processors out there and do not want to over do it but at the same time I dont want to get something that is not going to stand the test of time any suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to stay under 800.00 not including external media storage
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  1. I'd build around this setup:

    Any of the E350 combos you find on newegg would be good but this is the cheapest of all of the options for now.

    I would be happy to suggest other parts but it's real late here and I need to go to bed. If you don't get good suggestions by tomorrow night I will respond with a full parts list...
  2. Well are you looking @ a HTPC? Or are you looking at a computer (desktop)?

    Please fill out this:

    As for build suggestions there is a 600$ build suggestion in my guide below.
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