Extended Desktop Display through a single DVI output? [Dual Monitors]

Can I run three monitors, all with different images, using an HDMI to DVI cord and a DVI cord with an adapter to two DVI cords. I bought the computer with a Radeon 5450 card that the sales person told me would run 3 monitors but now I find it is only a dual monitor graphics card. I need to run two stock charts and a third for buying and selling.
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  1. Splitting a single DVI connection to two monitors will result in both monitors displaying the same image.

    I think you need at least a HD 5670 for a basic 3 monitor setup such as the following:


    There are HD 5670 that only supports 2 monitors so you need to look for the word "Eyefinity" and verify the card has the following inputs: DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Such as the card I linked to. If your monitor does not support DisplayPort, then you need to buy an active DisplayPort adapter such as the following for $30


    A 2nd alternative is you can always install another video card to drive that 3rd monitor. If you have another PCI-e x16 port, then you can install another HD 5450 card. If you bought an inexpensive brand name PC like a Dell or HP, then you are likely to have only one PCI-e port.

    A 3rd alternative is to purchase a video card that can be installed in one of the PCI ports (an old technology). However, since very few cards are manufactured for this interface the price is relatively high to cover production cost and to make a little bit of profit. The following HD 5450 sells for $95

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