Onboard nvidia 9400 HDMI w/ external 7950

Okay, so my setup is: Nvidia 730i mobo w/ GeForce 9400 onboard w/ an HDMI port. I also have an external GeForce 7950 GTKO, which is much better than the onboard card so I like to use it for gaming. My question is is it possible to use the onboard HMDI port out to my HDTV for movies and whatnot, but still use my 7950 for my everyday puting.

I've tried many different settings, but as long as my 7950 is in my computer, the HMDI port won't put out a signal. Although in Nvidia Control Panel recognizes the TV on the HMDI port.

Thnx in advance!
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  1. Your motherboard is deactivating the IGP when a discrete card is installed. Check in BIOS if you have a possibility to activate it.
  2. i have phoenix bios which is pretty common from which ive heard/seen. I have both the onboard 9400 and the PCIe 7950 enabled. Nvidia Control Panel recognizes both of them. Also it sees the HDTV when plugged in, but doesn't output a signal to it? What to do, what to do?

    It's too much of a pain in the a** to unplug my 7950 when I wanna movies on my HDTV, there must be a way around this?!?!?!
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