What RAM?? for Gaming machine...

Well my set up is going to be.. and im looking for the best RAM to suit.

CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3GHzQuad $247 AUD
MOBO: ASUS MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z Motherboard (Maybe something else) $240 AUD
PSU: Antec 750W Powermaster (I already own this, or the 650W, not sure)
GPU: ATI 6870 1GB (already own)
CASE: Havent decided, is their surtain cases to support the mobo etc?

RAM: Ive looked at 8GB Corsair 1333MHZ, 1600MHz & 2000MHz, i dont know much if anything about RAM, so is there a specific brand i should buy? should i get 6GB 8GB 10GB etc? and the MHz levels, whats the difference from 1333 to 2000 etc?
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  1. Simply get whatever mhz your mobo supports.

    I like 4x 4GB modules, altough 8GB total will be more then enough for gaming.
  2. Ok, but can you tell me what the difference between these 2 Corsair 8GB packs is, like explain how much different, and the impact it would have while gaming.



    Those 2 are only about $30 difference in price..
  3. Buy the Corsair 8GB Kit 2x4Gb Vengeance Blue , it work at 1600Mhz with the 1.5V what is the normal voltage for Socket 1155. The others are at 1.65V to work at 2000Mhz and you risk to burn the memory controller.
  4. Sandybridge gives its most performance with a 1600mhz ram,beside if you should only look at more than 1600mhz ram if you plan on overclocking, so when picking the ram you should go for 1600mhz and low latency (timing),so its the blue vengence or anything with lower latency if you can find,as for how much ram you gonna need it all depends on what kind of work your pc is going to be doin if gaming 8/10 is more than enough if you are going to be doing graphics work you should add more ram 12/16 so maybe this one
    the motherboard is Matx...so if you plan on runing aircooled video cards you cant use more than one of the PCI-e slots.....i recommend the extreme-z but the diffrence is a $100 , as for the case i recommend something that assists with cooling so maybe a coolermaster or a corsair
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