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Hello again, I have a new computer woe to pick your brains about. Recently I had problems setting up my monitors properly through catalyst. Well, for a while now (Even before the driver issues) one of my screens has been having trouble with just general movement. Anything moving on screen profusely (Videos, games, and the like) the screen would begin to shake slightly and a little (Mostly black, but it seems like it's just a strange line that's magnifying everything under it) line about 2 or 3 pixels tall, as wide as the screen scrolling down the screen. This even happens when I'm using my mousewheel to scroll down on my other screen.

I've done some testing. It can occur on my primary screen if I fiddle with what is or isn't my primary monitor. But it has no bearing on if the monitor is or not my primary. I only have to switch or fiddle around with settings for it to happen.

I've also tested resolutions. This happens on every resolution on every refresh rate. Both monitors.

The problem is also borderline strange. It only happens when the application or game is maximized. If it's a window, I don't get the lines. But if a window is maximized on either screen, and I'm either A.) scrolling down the page when by browser is maximized or B.) Playing a video on full screen this tearing will occur.

Silly of me. More information.

PowerColor HD 4850
Craig HDTV on the HDMI port at 1920x1080
HP w1907 on the DVI port at 1440x900
Both at 60Hz refresh rate
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  1. I'm also suffering said flickering.

    Latest drivers, and only occurred after I rebooted recently after 31 days of uptime.
    Also tried messing with resolutions, pixel formats, refresh rates, primary / secondary monitors ( I use two ), and numerous other things.

    It always occurs when I scroll in any direction within Chrome, nightly release, always occurs on my larger monitor ( even when scrolling on the smaller monitor ), and also occurs when I expand the "Show Hidden Icons" button on the taskbar.

    Last notable thing I had done was attempt to fix an issue with context menus remaining after being selected. A fix would obviously be seriously appreciated, the line is best described as an annoyance, and is getting in the way.

    EDIT: Over the context menus fix, I remember rebooting due to a BSoD, after 31 days of uptime. BSoD occurred when I attempted to connect a 360 controller to the PC ( something I've casually done for years now ) using the wireless adapter.
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