EAH5850 6 or 8 question?????

Hello, I bought a Asus 5850 with a 650 PSU, the PSU has 2 six pin connectors and each six pin connector has a attached 2 pin connector on it, the GPU 5850 has a 6 pin and 8 pin slot and each is separate so it totals to 14 slots, I am not running crossfire or ever will, what do I plug into the Graphics card, none of my manuals helped, and the GPU just says 6/8 pin but I dont get this at all, please help, building now. Thanks
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  1. You plug in one of the 6+2 in the 6 pin slot leaving the 2 out the 8 pin gets the all of the other 6+2=8
  2. thankyou
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