How should i connect my mobo to PSU


I'm in a middle of building of my PC and don't know how should I connect my Intel mobo Link with my Corsair TX 650W Link

I've found this Link and I'm confused now. I don't know whether i should use 2x2 12V power connector or 2x4 12V power connector.

I've always use 2 x 12 pin main power connector and 2x2 12V power connector now I don't know which one apart from 2 x 12 pin main power connector should i use.

I have i5 core 2500k

Need your help should i stick to 2x2 12V power connector or what ?
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  1. Your motherboard should contain a poster showing all you need to know about the pins and connection locations on the motherboard. As far as I know, each pin has a unique colour that matches with the colour of the socket on the GPU.

  2. thanks man, I've managed to succeed :)
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