Check My Build Please. (First Time!) list component names (cpu) (dvd/cd) (mobo) (psu) ? (video card) (ram) (hdd) (case)

This is my first build. I want to be able to run most games well. I'm trying to keep it around $800. I'm not sure if the psu I have listed is what I need. Any help on that would be appreciated. Also, is the hdd worth it and should I bump the ram to 8gb or is 4 enough? Thanks!
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  1. You'll get more answers if ya edit ya post to list component names .. ... don't wanna give anyone RSI doing clickety click thing :)

    I'd get an XFX PSU .... or Corsair TX 650. This one is $49

    However, if ya thinking of adding a 2nd card later on (recommended to extend system life 12-18 months), Id get the 750


    RAM - These are $40, better price and better choice.

    HD - SATA III (6Gb/s interface) is not doing anything for ya since single drive can't approach SATA II speeds.. Conside SATA II w/ 1TB capacity for same performance.

    Case _ Rosewill is the on line world's "Walmart" brand. Recommend the venerable Antec 300
  2. The psu you listed is a 20+4 pin and my mobo is a 24 pin. Does this matter? (I have not a clue). Also, I was curious what ram you were speaking of. There is no link. Thanks for your help!
  3. The 20+4 will work on a 24pin. There used to be/are some motherboards with a 20pin motherboard power socket.

    I'd recommend a Samsung F3 1TB hard drive, as they are the fastest SATA II drives and are reasonably priced.

    I agree on the Antec 300 case recommendation, and also suggest the Cooler Master 912 as an option to consider. I had the 300 and loved it. Cable management in mid towers is awful, but the 300's airflow is probably the best among mid towers.
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