Need help choosing the right, affordable, AGP graphics card

Well, I'm currently in search for an afforable decent AGP graphics card and was wondering what would be suggested! Yes I understand decent and agp are quite contradicting but work with me :). I would like to run games such as Sims 3 and currently I have a GeForce 5700 (Either 128mb or 256mb) card installed. It only lags occasionally but my CPU usage is consistently at 100% when playing the game. I was in the market looking for a Radeon HD 4670 which retails for a $100+ on Ebay or in stores and was wondering If I really needed that kind of a graphics card to simply play one game and keep my CPU from blowing up! I wouldn't mind buying an older graphics card off ebay but I would just like to here recommendations of what would be best!

Dell XPS Tower
460Watt Power Supply

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  1. I would never advise buying an AGP card in this day of age, its just like throwing money away. However...

    If you're going to get one get this..

    It isn't too much worse than the 4670 and it is fairly cheap.
  2. This is the best Newegg has to offer in terms of AGP. ATI Sapphire 4650 1GB. It's overpriced for what it is, but so are all AGP cards now. At some point you should upgrade. You can get a great budget computer for $300 nowadays.
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