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Foxconn z68

Is this motherboard any good?

I've heard some bad things about Foxconn products, but this one apears to have some decent reviews. It also has all thr features I want that fits my budget.
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  1. More info, please. Yes, it'll function, but what do you want to use it for? If you're going to be doing any overclocking, you should get a better board.
  2. Im using it in a budget gaming pc, paired with an i3. I want something better then an H61, so i can upgrade to an i5 2400/2500k when the prices drop.
  3. If you can get to a physical Microcenter, you can get a 2500K for $180.

    I'd get a decent board that can handle reasonable OCing. The Foxconn would probably work, but go for an ASRock Z68 Extreme3 to be sure.
  4. Couple problems 1. No microcenter in my state. 2. My budget is about 300$ or so for case, memory, cpu, and mobo, and the case and memory already take up about 100$ dollors of it.
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    Well you said it all, ok reviews, fits you budget and has the features you want. You can extend the warranty for $10 if you want. You really have to jump the price quite a bit to get much better. Here is a link to Tom's reviews of lower priced boards (,2980.html). As you can see the price of this board is the lowest for a z68. You always get what you pay for so no need to compare this board to one costing $300. It fits your situation well so I would say go for it.
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