Asus M4A785-M w/ AMD 1090T


So i have this:

and recently ive bought a x6 3.2Ghz Amd 1090t. The thing is that when i installed the CPU and booted all the fans started spinning up but i had no visual through my HDMI. I tried to use a VGA. Ive also tried to take out my graphics card and plug the HDMI into the motherboard.
When i boot no bios is shown.
Please help?
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  1. Any help would be nice!
  2. Did You upgrade your BIOS to at least 0906 before installing the 1090t?
  3. Reset the CMOS then try again there is a button or a little jumper on the motherboard to do this. that cpu is on the support list with 0906 bios you may need to update.
  4. The motherboard says that its compatible with the 1090t and it runs with 0906. Im pretty sure that i had 0906 running before this happened. If not i have no idea how to upgrade to it. I will try to locate and reset the cmos and see what happens.
  5. Make sure that all the ram is seated correctly same with everything on the board, make sure all power connectors are hooked up them come back and tell me what it does.
  6. I had this same problem before (with a different motherboard though). I ordered my AMD 1090T and a ASUS M4A87TD EVO. I couldn't get any display to show. Eventually it figured it was a Dead Motherboard (DOA) and I sent it back and had a new shipped to me. After that it worked perfectly fine.

    Just my 2c.
  7. Well everything seems to be in place. I've scanned my whole motherboard for any resemblance of a switch or jumper but i could not find anything. I dont think that it is a fried motherboard because everything seems to be running just as it was with my other processor. Although if my motherboard is dead than im pretty much screwed because I would hate to waste more money on this. Any more tips?
  8. Take out the battery on the mobo for 15 min also unplug the power that will reset the cmos.
  9. Okay well i took out the battery and unplugged the main power ATX and graphics card. Im gonna let em sit for a bit.
    Even though im not sure about if i have the 0906 bios should i try to update to it?
    if so how is this done?
  10. you have to flash it, just type how to flash bios on google. the computer has to be running in order to flash the mobo.
  11. I had this happen with an Athlon II last year in a friends build, had to put the old Athlon X2 back in to update the BIOS. Asus should provide directions on their website, I know both Biostar and Gigabyte do.
  12. Best answer selected by Voytek.
  13. Do i extract this onto a blank CD?
  14. usb drive works better for manual flash, but asus has a flashing program that does it for you.
  15. Do i just extract plug in and run?
  16. Asus should have a bios update tool, install the tool, then download the bios file save it to the desktop, open the tool select the file and run it.

    other way, the asus tool might self update I really dont know, I wish the guy you gave the best answer to was the one explaning this not me.
  17. well it looks like i tried everything. Im 99% sure i need to update the software to 1006. i really dont know how to flash

    I saw in other forums that you have to update flash for the newer x6 processors.
  18. yes but i dont see anything on my screen. there is no bios when i boot
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