CCC settings vs built-in game settings for AA and AF

I have a 6970 that can play all my games maxed out. Since it has no trouble playing them, I would like to use the highest settings I possibly can. ATI's Catalyst Control Center offer AA and AF options. My question is whether it would be better to just use the game's built-in settings. CCC offers 24xEQ, Morphological filtering, Super-Sample AA mode, and 16x AF. The games (Bad Company 2, GTA IV, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., ect.) generally only offer AA up to 8x and AF up to 16x.

So what settings would give me the best picture? I don't care about FPS unless they get too low. Should I let CCC override the application settings or stick with the built-in controls?
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  1. You can do its up to you really. If its causing issues you can always change it back. Some games dont actually suport AA and forcing it is teh only option. Just play around with it untill you find settings that suite most of your games.
    This might be a good read for you,

    Mactronix :)
  2. I do this a lot, but I don't generally attempt to add 24xEQ settings. What I tend to utilize the most is the AA mode, using adaptive MSAA or SSAA if possible. Some games I'll toss in a mix of MSAA and MLAA. Generally speaking, 4x SSAA is a lot better than 24xEQ MSAA. No matter how smooth the outside edges are, if the edges inside an object are jaggy.

    But if I can get all my options in game, I don't touch the CCC options.
  3. With Morphological on, 24xEQ, Supersampling, and 16x AF my furmark scores go from an Average of 33 to 20. This means that it is stressing my card more. Does that mean that the picture quality should be better?

    I will give that article a read since I don't know too much about anti-aliasing. My main goal is to use my new 6970 to the fullest. I like the idea that the AA is so high that it's bring the FPS down, but I do want the image quality actually look better from it.

    I'll have to try these settings in some games. I wish there was a benchmark tool for Bad Company 2.
  4. Generally speaking, I try out different AA setups until I get one that performs well. I'll usually start with x8 SSAA, x4 SSAA, x4 adaptive MSAA + MLAA, x4 adaptive MSAA and x2 adaptive MSAA.

    Not all games will let you change the AA mode, so you just deal with what you can.
  5. I put the CCC settings to max. Bad Company looks noticibly better. The grass is so smooth now. The FPS never dropped below 40. I don't know which of the settings helped the way that it did, so I'll have to play with it more. I'll also have to try some other games. AA and AF certainly make a difference.
  6. SSAA is most likely what smoothed out the grass. MSAA rarely effects grass and trees. Unfortunately, it can be a heavy performance hit, so you have to play with it until you find a good balance.
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