4 monitor setup -How to run 2 video cards on ASUS P5Q Pro motherboard?

I want to make a 4 monitor setup and have a P5Q Pro ASUS motherboard with two PCI-EX slots.

I have 4 different video cards and none of them seem be work with each other. I tried every combination.

All cards work on their own, but if both pci-express slots have a video card plugged in, then only one video card works.

The video cards are all different models, although two of them have the same chip which is Geforce 8400 GS

Is there a setting in the BIOS i have turn on so it runs both video cards? Or what am I missing/or doing wrong?

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  1. uninstall all video drivers then shut down computer abd install both 8400gs cards. No boot up and go get the newest driver from nvideas site and install should find both and then give it a try..

  2. Thanks
    Now when I power up the system, only 3 monitors end up working. For some reason on the 2nd PCI-e card, the DVI output does not work. (Im using DVI-I > VGA, checked the cables, etc to make sure that isn't it) Any idea why?
  3. To my knowledge, the P5Q PRO only supports crossfireX, no sli.
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