Cpu info using cpuid and WMI on windows are different

I did two tests to fetch cpu info on windows system. First one is using __cpuid as mentioned here: LINK
and another one is based on WMI.

My processor is (AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+).
Using __cpuid : Model = 15 Family = 15 Stepping = 0
Using WMI : Family 15 Model 31 Stepping 0

Model is different.

When running this code on another machine with AMD64 Phenom II X2 555 processor:
using WMI : Family 16, Model 4, Stepping 3
using __cpuid : Family 15, Model 4, Stepping 3

Family is different.

The values are not equal. Any pointers?

To get processor info using WMI, you can type
wmic cpu get caption
on command line.

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  1. AMD64 and PH-II are not the same family, so report is correct.
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