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Upgrade from LGA 775, which gen mobo to use?

It has been awhile since my last build. Confused about LGA 1155, 1156, 1366 and 2011. Tom's 12/2011 sytem builder used a LGA 1155 (Why use a mobo 3 gens old?). Which LGA should I use? LGA 1155 has been out awhile, how long will it last.

I need to improve my computing power to pay the latest games. I willing to spend enthusiast, but not stupid money to upgrade (mobo, cpu and ram). It needs to be able to play the next 3 years of games. CPU and GPU will be ocd.

Use computer to play games and internet.

Current Build
asus striker II LGA 775
intel dual core E8400 ocd 3.51
geforce 560 ocd 950
850 watt ps
4 gb of ram
intel ssd
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  1. s1155 is the one you want. s1156 and s1366 are basically obsolete. s2100 is basically an enthusiest high end workstation platform, if your a gamer you want s1155.

    If you want help with components for a new build, fill out the new build form under the new build section.
  2. It depends on budget and whether you want to keep the mobo but still be able to upgrade down the line. I have really only familiarized myself with the main 2.

    Socket 1155 will work for the i7-2600k which is the current mainstream champion of gaming. It will fit numerous processors depending on your budget and how far you want to take the proc with overclocking.

    Socket 2011 has very few proc options to choose - I would go with the i7-8320. That will give you plenty of muscle and the price is in a sweet spot. Only issue is they only sell that in a bundle on newegg - since you're going to upgrade your mobo anyway it isn't really that bad but not exactly convenient. I like the 2011 because it will support PCIE 3.0 so you can upgrade your graphics card down the road without swapping out other components.

    I am an ASUS fan and think combining the 8320 w/ a X79 sabertooth will yield some serious results. I was on a budget so I went with an AMD FX-8150 instead but either platform will be more than sufficient for your needs.
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    Right now the socket 1155 is the socket of choice. Most gamers are finding that the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K is the sweet spot of performance and value when matched up with a good P67 or a Z68 board.

    Since very few games can take advantage of more than 4 threaded the value of the hyper-threading on processors like the Intel Core i7-2600K is very minimal in a gaming system. So save yourself almost $100 and go with the Intel Core i5-2500K.

    Looking at a good sub-$200 board Z68 like the MSI Z68-GD65, ASRock Z68 Extreme4 or Asus P8Z68-V/Gen3 should give you a very nice platform to build your new gaming system around.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Thanks. I am looking at the asus p8p67 deluxe from newegg ($209) with an i5- 2500k . When compared to other mobos, it is one of the few that support ddr3 2133. Any thoughts on the importance of ddr3 2133 ($120) vs 1866 ($75)? any performance difference from 4 x 2gb or 2 x 4gb? My understanding that anything over 4 gb is a waste for gaming or do I need 8 gb?
  5. never mind. Called Asus and the mobo can use ddr3 1866 with oc up to 2200. They also said that 2 x 4gb is better than 4 x 2gb.
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  7. For the memory while you can get some small performance boost from using stuff faster than DDR 3 1600 it really isnt worth the extra cost. So just get some some DDR 3 1600 and make sure that it is 1.5v and try to stay away from any that has big heatspreaders on the top so that it doesnt block the fan on a 3rd party HSF (heatsink/fan). Right now 8GB is the about the max and it is so cheap that you should go for it.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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