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Hello, I have a friend who'd like to play games at more than 1 fps, so I thought I'd toss my old GTS 250 into a Biostar P4M900-M4 and let him use it. However, the motherboard refuses to work with the GTS 250. From what I have read, chipset limitations prevent the mobo from working with any PCI-E 2.0 cards. Is there anything at all I can do, short of purchasing a new motherboard?
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  1. Only one thing can maybe fix this. Flash BIOS with a newest BIOS version available for Biostar P4M900-M4 main board!

    If a new version of BIOS don't fix the problem, you have 2 solutions. 1st is: He must buy a new MB with PCI-E x16 2.0 support. And 2nd is: He can only use PCI-E version 1.0 compatible graphic cards in that main board!!!

    I hope this helps.
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