New computer: What are the best anti-virus and spyware programs? Free?

Okay, Norton keeps popping up and getting in my face, presumably to sign up for their paid service via a free "trial." Is there an anti-virus I can get for free that works well?

And what about anti-spyware?
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  1. On the free side, Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is about all you need. While some swear by Avast! or NOD32, there is very little reason to go for paid AV protection anymore.
  2. AVG Free edition is a very good overall protection suite and does a good job of protecting your system while remaining fairly unobtrusive.

    Also what Internet provider do you use ? they usually also include anti virus - spyware tools for free with your internet service subscription nowadays !

    For Example
    AT&T Yahoo! Mail automatically scans all incoming and outgoing email attachments for known viruses. We use industry-leading Norton AntiVirus software, so you don't have to do a thing. Download the attachment and wait for that reassuring message "No Virus Threat Detected." If a virus is detected, it will be cleaned if possible, and you'll be given further instructions.
  3. Get this combo : )

    Avast or Microsoft security essentials, Malwarebytes and Comodo Firewall : ) All 3 are pretty light on system. And Comodo is the best free firewall! select install FW only
  4. Avira Antivirus free edition and Lavasoft Ad-Aware free edition and Malwarebytes.
  5. AVG was the best 2 years ago. Avast! was the best last year. This year Lavasoft's Ad-Aware free has pulled ahead in its detection capabilities. Only talking about free-editions here of course.
  6. I still pay for Norton Internet Security Suite. The latest version has been significantly improved to be less intrusive on the system. I just believe that they are still better at identifying new threats as they come out and supplying updates for them. However, I buy it from a reputable seller off of Ebay for a lot less than they charge.
  7. take nikorr and area 51 reopened answer there are the best choice
  8. AVG USED to be a good AV program, now its the new Norton: Slow, bulky, and not particularly effective.
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