Help needed in motherboard selection

i am using a 4 year old pc.
config: intel p4 3.06gHZ processor
512MB DDR1 RAM, 160GB HD.
some intel gigabyte chipset motherboard.
Now i have a problem with the mothernoard and the RAM. The performance of the system is very slow.
Want to upgrade. can you suggest me a compatible motherboard for the processor i am using. Dont want to change the processor(Low budget :( ).
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  1. Can you still use the PC as it is now? If you can I'd suggest saving up until you can build a new PC. A new motherboard won't improve performance.

    If you cannot use your PC whats your budget?
  2. If money is an issue, get yourself on ebay and look for either 2x1GB or 2x2GB sticks of ram, probably PC3200 but check the speed on existing ram. You may also be able to get a cheap cpu @ 3.2/3.4Ghz.

    What's the motherboard model?
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