Good graphics card under $120?

I'm looking for a good graphics card below $120 with PCI-E 2.0 and VGA compatibility. I don't mind if it's AMD or nVidia. Thanks in advance.
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    It should come with a DVI to VGA adapter. If not, then you can easily purchase an adapter for 5$.
  2. So you want the best bang for the buck with $120? Or you just want any card that has PCIe 2.0 and VGA?

    I would say the best for $120 is the Radeon 5770, unless you can find a GTX 460 768mb for that price. I've seen them that low after rebates.

    Any card that has DVI (as all cards nowdays do), and then you can get an adapter for probably like a couple bucks on newegg. You won't find many with built-in VGA, as it is being phased out in the next few years.
    It's worth the extra money. A DVI to VGA adapter comes with the card. Also comes with 2 free and even good games.
  4. ^great find jyjjy, however, the PSU must also be considered.
  5. What is your power supply?
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  7. The GTX 460 768mb I linked is by far the most powerful card suggested and can also overclock a very large amount FYI. Here is a performance chart for these cards;
  8. That's nice and all. But the person said their budget was $120 dollars. The cheapest one ($159) is 768mb and clocked at 725. The poster is better off getting a 5770.
  9. The card I linked is $150 before rebate and $110 after.
  10. Aww gotcha. Sorry I didn't see that one. Good Call.
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