Upgrading ram causing cpu performance problems

Ok so i had 2GB ram DDR-2 800 and i decided to upgrade and add 2 more.Now i have 4 x 1GB slots dual channel.The thing is after i installed the new ram my pc went slower.The CPU dropped it's performance and it's constantly working on 60%-100%.After i try to start some programs or games things got even worse.I even re-run the windows rating system and i go EXTREMELY low scores on CPU(from 6.0 to 3.7) and on graphics - desktop performance for windows aero(from 7.2 to 2.9).Please help.

My configuration:

Motherboard:Intel DPP3510J
RAM:4GB DDR2 800
CPU:Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz
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  1. Regular ... should not be like that .... Better check you memory
    You can follow these step

    Also you can try to remove the two new 1GB you just added ..
  2. I did the memtest and there were no errors.I think there is some problem with my motherboard.
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