Pcie x16 and pci x1 crossfire?

hello everyone

so i have two ATI card HD4350 my motherboard only has one pcie x16 and a pci x1
and I have a riser card laying around its a PCIE x16 to PCI x1 like this one :


is there a way that i can use that to crossfire? i know that the card is not going to perform like its suppose to.
but i am hopping i can get a few extra FPS...
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  1. Crossfiring two HD 4350s isn't worthwhile as its a weak card. Just get a single powerful card like the HD 4670 or HD 5670.
  2. thankx for the quick reply

    i know my cards are not good no more... but i don't have the budget to buy a card right now. i have to work with what i have...
  3. This Powercolor HD 4830 costs only 60$ and is much better than 4350s in CrossFire
  4. hmmm good deal... but pardon my lacking sufficient money...
    it is hard to keep up with technology this days...
    and probably in the future i will get a better card... (actually i'm saving for one).

    but for now... have to work with this ones...
    any way I have both card in right now and i'm able to see both of the under device manager, but not on the ATI CCC.

    that tells me its working right?
    am I missing something?
  5. I'm not certain but I suspect to crossfire both cards need to be PCI-E.
  6. I was able to get the Catalytic Control Center to show it up. but it show as a "disable device" an i don't see how to enable it.
  7. just an update...

    still cant find anything to enable it
    i google and cant find and answer...
    maybe im not looking in the the right way?...
  8. Love how no one answered this, just suggested buying new hardware. I am curious as well, not really because I am going to do it but because I help a ton of people fix their systems on a regular basis using only what they have available. So can this be done at all in crossfire?
    I understand it may be less efficient than using one better card....I get it and I am sure OP got that too. The question is, can it be done?

    edit: I do not mean using the OP's cards, any card at all that fits the slots. Is PCI-Ex1 and PCI-Ex16 able to be crossfired together at all?
  9. First heres me set up,

    MB has two 2.0x16 pci slots, four x1 pci slots, then one pci slot,
    Two 3 radeon HD 5570 in my two 2.0x16's
    One pci x1 single tv tuner
    One pci x1 hdmi input card
    One pci x1 5.1 sound card
    And one pci Wireless adapter card

    Other info.
    I have a pci x1 to x16
    i have a pci x1 90 degrees left

    So to fill my last x1 slot why not add to the graphics? So i put the pci x1 90 left to my last pci x1 (its my first slot looking from the right) then i put my pci x16 converter into that, so i end up with a x16 pointing, then i ran into a problem, It wouldent fit =(, so i took all my parts out of the case and went out and drilles a nice square in to the side of my case, xD, put everything back in there and it fit perfectly other than about 1 1/2 inches of the card sticking out, so i was hookeing up crossfire and i ran into another problem, my bride was to short, now what to do?, well i got 2 bride conectes and spliced them and put them back toghter, o.0 veryyyyyy hard with those small of wires, hooked it all up and, and it gave me the slightes increase, like 1/3 of regual card, but hey it still ads to my other two cards and it fills up my other pci x1 slot

    all in all did it work? yes, is it worth it? no

    other iinfo: i have a 6 core AMD Phenom II X6 1100T cpu
    seven 2tb hdd, 1 60gig sdd (yes 14tb in a HTPC case)
    16gig of 2133 ram

    Small things pack a big punch xD
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