Which Asus Is Really The Better M/B

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  1. Better motherboard for what?

    You should get a motherboard based on what you need.
  2. Not a gammer' just alot of multi tasking' converting/encoding movies...
    I right now have the P8Z68-V LE
    i7-2600K Processor
    16Gigs Of Corsair 1600 & a set of Corsair 1866 also im not using...
    750 Seasonic PSU
    Onboard Video -Also have a good card still in the box but onboard video is fine running through hdmi
    Windows 7 x64
  3. You already have the P8z68? Why would you even want to bother getting another motherboard?
  4. Well if i ever wanted to upgrade ' i dont think my board has crossfire/sli..I think all the other asus boards do..My dox does show a crossfire label on the front' but doesn't say anything on the specs..
  5. Is this your exact motherboard (with that dual PCIE X8 slots):?


    If so, it supports crossfire. If you do plan on getting another motherboard - well IMO it would be like throwing away money.
  6. Thats my board...I will just hold on to it...Onlything im doing is changing my ram today to 1600 Mhz corsair..I had the 1866 and everyone said i would be better with the 1600..They first didnt send me a matching set of 16gigs..They sent me 2 packs with 2 4gig sticks in a pack..Had some weird screen stuff happen and would have to restart the pc..Corsair said go in the bios and change it from 1866 to 1600 and it would run more stable but i would be better to order 4 matching sticks..I installed the none matching in 1 & 3 and the 2nd set in 2 & 4 and its worked flawless since..But newegg has already sent me out 16gigs of matching ram and its 1600 insted of 1866' i will get it today..Will i better off with the 1600 like they are saying...thanks
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