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I'm looking to buy a new desktop and I want to get a graphics card that would suit my needs today and would hold its own in the future. If this helps,I'm a moderate gamer, I play the COD series and an assortment of FPS games mostly. Which card would you recommend?
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  1. i'm looking at an i5-2400 or 2500 and a 600W-700W supply
  2. i would say 300 dollars would be the max though I would stretch it if it's a couple dollars more
  3. Nvidia, GTX 560 on Jan 25. AMD, hd6870. One or the other should suit your needs. If you want to spend $200 and get good performance, the hd6850 is the way to go. I own one, I know. ;)
  4. make sure you get a quality psu and not some wonky piece of junk, personally I have the XFX black edition 650w, it is actually made by seasonic and it is amazing and modular, maybe a bit more then what you need, but especially if your going to be oc'ing your sb cpu then you want a good psu.

    the XFX psu is on a good sale right now if you can wait for rebates not bad at all, check it out:

    of course there are comparable offerings from other companies but imo this psu rocks

    the most important thing to take from this is........ get a new psu, a quality one.
  5. agreed... gtx 560 is just around the corner... just wait for little bit more and maybe that's the card you wanna great....
  6. would the performance of the gtx 560 match the hd 6950?
  7. yeah should be around a 6950 or if highly oc'ed it will probably be it but until we see some benches no one can tell for sure but it should be a great card
  8. thanks guys quick question wouldn't I save money and get comparable performance if I crossfire two HD 5770s?
  9. CX55 said:
    thanks guys quick question wouldn't I save money and get comparable performance if I crossfire two HD 5770s?

    I wouldn't recommend it, only if you already owned a 5770 would it make sense, imo. However crossfire 5770s are roughly a 5870, and in some cases a bit better. But in some cases where crossfire is poorly utilized in the game you will be stuck with the performance of one 5770 which is alright but not that good at high res. If you go with a single card you will have higher minimum fps, more than enough horsepower for the present, and ridiculous power if you ever decided to crossfire it... really if you wanted to crossfire that bad I would grab a pair of 6850s which is about $360 total (over your budget) but will deliver top notch performance and often times better than the 6970/gtx580 fyi.

    overall I would say no to crossfire 5770s unless you could get a killer deal on them for like 100 a pop I wouldnt go for it, for that matter you would be better off with a single 5870 now, imo.... but then again if you were going to go that route and that price range I would just grab a 6870 for around 210ish AR now... there are so many options, not even mentioning the gtx 560 again but if you want crossfire I'd go for 6850s/6870s and maybe even crossfire 5770s if you got a $175 or less deal on both of them say.. lots of things to consider but in the end I think you are better off with the faster single card or at least the newer tech. good luck
  10. Might have to do an upgrade/trade in via EVGAs upgrade program
    I have the GTX 470 now,a 560 should pwn the 470 huh
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